1988 - Andy Warhol's Interview - November issue - Sade (cover) Magazine Blicero Books

1988 - Andy Warhol's Interview - November issue - Sade (cover)

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Interview magazine, November 1988. 162 pages. 36,8 x 27,5 cm. A fine copy.


  • Lady Sade (ph: Matthew Rolston)
  • Joan Cusack (ph: Sheila Metzner)
  • The Masks of Comus (ph. Scott Heiser) Postmodern reflections on the mask, rhetoric, pastiche and politics. 
  • Post-modern mood structures. Number six in a series of modern heads by David Lynch
  • The Quest for Gillo Pontecorvo by Edward Said
  • Still Life of the Party
  • Gypsy From Down Under. Interview with Michael Hutchence, INXS
  • Fast Forward. On David Mammett
  • flirting with success. On Melanie Griffith (ph: Paul Jasmin)
  • On Being There, a travel report by John Gregory Dunne.
  • Lord Jim. Interview with James Toback.
  • Penn on Paper.